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The Microsoft Mac team, and these are all Mac enthusiasts, has developed one of the most feature rich and usable e-mail program updates available for the MacOS. It is useable for Operating Systems 8.1 through 9.2.


As a long time Mac user I am delighted to see some progress in improving an email client for the Mac OS and am making an attempt to help you become more aware of what the OE for Mac team has done to help you enjoy the phenomenon we all call e-mail. This site is incomplete and will continue to grow and change.

The wonderful aspects of both the Mac OS and OE5 are the ease of use and flexibility that they offer. The obvious features make them easy and intuitive and the flexibility make them highly customizable. What you see on the surface is very useable but if you check out all the features and use your imagination you can accomplish many things not immediately obvious. I encourage you to play with the program and learn to fit it to your own needs.


VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you are using OE5 be sure you are using 5.02 or better. To upgrade to the latest version, it is available at Mactopia

Be sure to read the included "Read Me" to ensure that you don't lose any messages.

Here is what you will find on each page

Home - You're here.

Setup - Installation and importing. Explanation of MUD (Microsoft User Data).

Get Started - Introduction to the main window, how to use the tool bar, read the messages and how to use and manipulate folders.

Prefs - What do all these preferences do!!!!!!!!

New Mail - How to address, add attachments, ignatures and send e-mail.

Address Book - Address book and group basics.

Filters - How to set up Mail rules, Mailing List Manager and Junk Mail Filter.

Sorting & Scripts - How to label and use the priorities to sort all your mail so you can find what you are looking for later and how to use AppleScripts.

Multi - How to set up multiple accounts and create new identities.

Stuff - Other features which haven't found a home or been competed yet.

Maintenance - How to compact and rebuild the database 

FAQ - Answers to some frequently asked questions


General Features


Reading Email


Writing Email


Organizing Email


Keeping Track





I want to thank both Diane Ross and David Orgel, both from many places, but primarily MacEmail.com, for all their help and encouragement.



Now there is a downloadable/printable version of this tutorial


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Home | Setup | Get Started | Prefs | New Mail | Address Bk | Filters |Sorting & Scripts | Multi | Maint | Stuff | FAQ



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