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Labeling your messages.

While reading posts or other emails which are of interest, you can mark an e-mail read (cmd+T) or unread (cmd+shft+T) and set a priority, OE5 has 5 priorities. These priorities are also sortable, so you can easily go back and find a particular message at another time and not have to search through dozens of posts looking for that info you need so desperately.

You can access the priorities from the "Message" drop down menu.



Priority Icons

- Highest
- High
- Low
- Lowest

Message Status Icons

- Flagged message
- Unread message
- Replied to message
- Forwarded message
- Redirected message
- Sent message
- Unsent message
- Message has been edited


To sort your messages all you need to do is click on the column headers and the whole folder sorts on that column. Click again and it will reverse the sort. That sort is applied to only that folder and the others stay the way you left them.

In the next 3 screenshots I have sorted the same 15 messages. Notice the way the sort hierarchy functions (all sorts on the main sorted column is high to low)






With this number of sortable labels you should be able to find those messages which you are looking for. But if you need more........ 



Not only can you change the "read" status and set a priority, but you also can change the color of the file headers. This is because OE is AppleScriptable. AppleScript is a simple tool which even beginners can make use of.



You can get the scripts for the 16 colors available to OE (above) and many more at http://www.macemail.com/oe/ . You then place the scripts into the "Script Menu Items" folder, which is in "that folder".



To set up your labeling system properly you can even name the scripts anything you want, so you can see the names in the Script pull-down menu. To do this just rename the script files in the finder. Again, they are in That Folder:Script Menu Items.


Setting Shortcuts for Scripts

You can also create keyboard shortcuts while naming the scripts in the finder. Just add to the end of the name a backslash " \ " and the modifier keys you would like to use. The modifiers are;

  • Shift = s
  • Control = c
  • Option = o
  • Command = m

Examples of the script filenames using shortcuts in above snap-shot are: (the modifiers are highlighted in blue)

  • Insert Explorer Address\coE
  • Insert Netscape Address\coN
  • Insert Text File\coF
  • Important - Red\om9
  • Idea - Maroon\1 - (could also be: Idea - Maroon\m1)

Notice: If no modifier is used (as in: Idea - Maroon\1) command is assumed. The Fkeys are unavailable in 5.0. Stay away from just using the option key as a modifier because that may try to open the Script Editor.


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Turning text into a compiled Script

If you receive or find a script which is plain text it is easy to turn it into a compiled script which can then be run.

First launch the Script Editor which is at Your Hard Disk:Apple Extras:Apple Script:Script Editor. There should be a window open which is titled "Untitled", if not, choose "New Script" from the file menu.

Switch to and highlight the text of the script and copy (cmd+C). Switch to Script Editor and click on the bottom window to get the blinking cursor there and paste (cmd+V).


Click on the "Check Syntax" button and the text will become color coded.



Note: You may get errors if any comments are not preceded by "--" (no quotes). You can either delete the comments or add the "--".


Now you are ready to "save as" a "complied script". Name it and save it to the "Script Menu Items" in "That Folder".



Now when you look in the script menu you will see your new script ready to use.



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Now there is a downloadable/printable version of this tutorial


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