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Creating Multiple Accounts and Users



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Multiple Accounts

To set up or edit your accounts or add new ones you choose Accounts from the Tools menu. To edit one highlight it and choose edit. You can choose any to be your default account.


When you choose new you will see one of the next two screens. You can either go through the Account Setup Assistant or configure the account manually. You can get to the other method by clicking the button in the bottom left of either screen.



Either way you do it, this is the information you will be entering. Name the account and fill in the information. If your account service requires a secure connection (SSL) open the advanced options windows in the POP and SMTP sections.



  • Here in the Options Tab you can choose a default signature for each account.
  • Additional headers can be added for advanced users.
  • You can limit how large a message to receive (handy when using a powerbook on the road).
  • Choose whether to leave copies on the server so you can retrieve them from another location.
  • Choose when to delete any messages you leave on the server.
  • Allow online access lets you read any messages for that account without downloading them. They will be left on the server to be downloaded as usual. The accounts will show up in the folder list. (See below).



This where you access those accounts marked for online access. Click on them here and you can look at your messages without downloading them into your inbox or removing them from the server.





Multi Users

If you want to set up or import another identity (user) choose switch identity from the file menu or use the shortcut cmd+shft+Q. Choose New to create a new identity.



Choosing to base initial settings on OE Defaults will allow you to start fresh. You will be able to import a user's accounts, messages, addressbook, signatures, rules and preferences into an empty identity. If you choose to base the settings on an already set up user, the settings will begin with all those settings and then add those that you are importing or building on them, essentially combining two identities. Or if you are creating a new identity you will have a clean default identity in which you can put in account information as you go through the set up.

If are trying to split an account into two you would base the initial settings on that account. Let me give you an example.

Let's say you have have been sharing a single e-mail account with your son. Now you have the opportunity to create 2 identities. It is far easier to delete than it is to add addresses, e-mails, signatures et all. You could import the account and then duplicate it with a new identity. Then each of you could easily delete the items which were not yours.

Choose a name for the new identity.



After you make this choice you are lead to the Setup Assistant. Here you make the choice as to whether you would like to import (Choice #1 - I am upgrading) your information or start fresh (Choice #2 - I already have an account....but don't want to import) and input account information as you go through the Setup Assistant. Note: You will be able to edit the information at any time after the account is setup.

If you choose to import you can go here to refresh your memory. (A new window will open which you can close when you're done).

If you want to start fresh, just continue on this page.



To start fresh you will see the next series of screens which are really self explanatory. You will need your POP or IMAP account address along with your SMTP address. As I said before you will be able to correct or change them later from inside OE5.


If you would like to set up an existing Hotmail account put in that address. Please note that just recently Hotmail has instituted an 8 character minimum to passwords. You will need to change that through your browser before you can reliably be able to use OE5 for access.

Hotmail can also be set up later.









And now you're all set up with a new Identity.




Now there is a downloadable/printable version of this tutorial


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