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If you are new to OE5 for Mac this page is a good place to start. If you are already using OE5 might want to navigate Home or to one of the links above to learn how to use the many features of OE5. You can find a description of each page here.




When you install and launch Outlook Express 5.0 for Mac you will be asked how you would like to proceed.


Here are the choices you will be making......

If you are here before you have installed Outlook Express 5.0..... really pay attention to your choices. Write them down where you can find them again!!!!! It will be to your advantage when you work with and ultimately choose to use Outlook Express 5.0 for Mac.


Here you choose the program you have been using so you can import all your contacts and previous e-mails. Fear not they will only be copied to OE5.



Although it may take a while (about a minute a mb at 233mhz), I would suggest taking the time now and import everything. It goes much smoother. If you can't wait that long to get started..... check out this tip.

Don't worry: OE only reads the information and it will all still be there as it was.



Here is the screen for importing a profile from OE 4.5. Choose the profile you want to import.



And that's IT. You can start using Outlook Express 5.0 for Mac with all your mail, addresses and everything imported for you.



OE5 has created a folder on your hard drive with all the files you will need. It can be in one of two places.

If you have a "documents" folder at the root of your hard drive there will be a folder named "Microsoft User Data" (MUD) (HardDrive:Documents:Microsoft User Data:).

If you deleted or have no "documents" folder prior to installing OE 5.0, they will be found in the "Outlook Express Folder " (Hard Drive:Outlook Express 5.0 Folder:).

If you have OS 9 installed and do not have a "documents" folder. OE will have the OS create one and then put the MUD folder in it.

The reason is that the MacOS is moving toward becoming a true multi-user platform. The "documents" folder will be where each individual will store their files and be password protected so that others can't access them.


If you do have a "documents" folder ----->these two folders will be found on your hard drive. Notice that there are duplicates of the "Script Menu Items" folder and the "Sound Sets" folder. You must use the ones in the "Microsoft User Data" folder, as OE5 first looks there. The duplicates in the Outlook Express 5 folder can be deleted.


If you do not have a "documents" folder -----> all of the files you will need will be found in the "Outlook Express 5 Folder".



Either way ----->all your messages, addresses, rules etc. are stored in each identity. These are the files you want to keep backed up on a regular basis.




So let's start using OE 5.0 



If you couldn't wait to import everything, it is best to start from scratch so that any rules and preferences will still be linked properly.

Quit OE5. Delete the identity you created. It can be found in that folder. Restart OE5 and you will again be led through the Setup Assistant. Import everything this time and you will be all set up.



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Now there is a downloadable/printable version of this tutorial


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