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One Key Read

- When you are reading a number of e-mails you can use the spacebar to "scroll" a page down, not a "jump" to a page down. When you get to the end of one message hit the spacebar again and you go to the next unread message. With modifier keys you can go to the previous msg, delete this msg and move in either direction.

Keyboard Shortcuts for reading messages:

  • cmd+O - Open the selected message in a separate window
  • cmd+\ - Toggles the preview pane. Great for looking through a long message list
  • cmd+[ - Move to previous message
  • cmd+] - Move to next message
  • spacebar - Scroll down to next viewable screen in message. If at the end of a message, move to next unread message.
  • hold down spacebar - Scrolls continuously down the message. A bit too fast and choppy to read but good for finding a spot in a long message.
  • ctrl+spacebar - Scroll up a screen. It will NOT move to a previous message.
  • shift+spacebar - Sroll down a screen and at end of message move to previous unread message.
  • opt+spacebar - Scroll down a screen and at the end delete current message and move to next unread message.
  • opt+cmd+[ - Delete the current message and move to previous message.
  • opt+cmd+] - Delete the current message and move to next message.
  • ctrl+opt+[ - Delete the current message and move to previous unread message.
  • ctrl+opt+] - Delete the current message and move to next unread message.
  • delete - Deletes selected message in headline pane.
  • opt+cmd+delete - Deletes the current message, and if the message window is open, closes it.


Experiment with these keyboard shortcuts and you will find ones that work for you.

If you do delete a message you didn't want to, don't fear it is still in the "deleted items" folder.


Quick Search - Don't forget this little tool. You can quickly find messages by searching on an address or subject header.


Find - The find function in OE5 is very powerful. You can look for text in the current file, any single folder (not in folders nested there) or all folders. That search can be for text in the headers (to, from or subject) or in the message text. This will help you to find what you are after and which folder it is in but does take some time if you need to search through text in all folders.

This is the find window you will see if you are in the 3pane view when you choose Find from the Edit menu or press cmd+F.



If you have a message "window" open, you will get this as a find window. Notice OE5's assumption that you are looking for text in the message you are viewing.




Advanced Find - If the simple find is finding too many messages, you can use the advanced find, from the edit menu or opt+cmd+F. You can create as many criteria as you please and the choices you can make are numerous. 



When as the search begins you are presented with a Search Results window. As OE5 finds messages which fulfill your criteria they appear here. You can begin reading these messages even while the find continues. This is a time saver because a search of the text of many messages can take a while... This search below was in the text of 3273 messages, it took 3.5 minutes to complete on my 233mz iMac. Which really wasn't all that long considering how much time it would have taken to scan even just the subjects of those 3273 messages.

Don't forget the quick search box (in the top right). If your search found many messages you can quickly pare them down by limiting those viewed by header criteria.


Auto Text Clean Up -

Have you ever gotten an e-mail which has been forwarded about a dozen times? Well you can put an end to it very easily. When you are in any compose window (New, Reply, Forward or Resend) you have a number of text utilities at your disposal.



Error Log -

This feature can be helpful in keeping track of troubles downloading your mail. When an error has occurred you will find this icon in the bottom right corner of the 3-Pane screen. You access this log by double clicking the icon, choose "Error Log" from the "Windows" menu or use the shortcut cmd+4. Highlight the error and choose "Get Info" or double click it and you will bring up the "Error Description" window.


Although these descriptions are not saveable (they are deleted each time you quit OE5) you can select them and cut and paste into a text editor to save them.




Schedules -

Here is where you set up your schedules for receiving and sending your mail. You will find Schedules in the Tools menu.

There are three schedules set up for you by OE5 and can be changed.

  • Send & Receive All - This is set to Send from all accounts and Receive for your primary account when you hit the Send & Receive button or use the keyboard shortcut cmd+M.

    IMPORTANT! - The first schedule is bolded this means it is the default schedule. You can make this schedule any way you would like but it will be the one that runs when you hit the Send & Receive button or use the keyboard shortcut cmd+M.
  • Empty Deleted Items Folder - This is set to purge your Deleted Items Folder when you quit OE5.
  • Send All - This is set to send all your composed mail in your Outbox when you choose Send All from the Send & Receive button or use the keyboard shortcut shft+cmd+K.

You can change any of these and make as many more schedules as you would like.



This the popup menu for when to schedule.


The timed schedule give you these options. You can choose as many times or days as you would like.



and here are actions you can perform at the times you have chosen.



Let's make a new schedule. I would like to check my business accounts every 10 minutes while I have OE5 open. I would also like to see which accounts mail is coming into by bringing the progress window to the front (see below). A feature which many of us miss from OE4.5

I set the When to a repeating schedule of every 10 minutes. I choose to run AppleScript "Open Progress Window" (available at http://www.macemail.com/oe/as/all.shtml ) and Retrieve Mail from all my business accounts. I put the Run AppleScript action first so that the progress window comes to the front before any mail is retrieved.




Progress Bar

The Progress Bar shows you what messages are being downloaded. You can bring the Progress Bar to the front with cmd-3 or with an AppleScript (see above).





Now there is a downloadable/printable version of this tutorial


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