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The Info Box is where you can find specifics about an application, folder or file. You can also change the icon, determine sharing status and allot memory to applications. You need to find the application or file (be sure it is not an alias) in the finder and highlight it. To make any changes to an application it must NOT be running. Once you highlight the application or file you will find Get Info in the file menu, by using contextual menus or with the keyboard shortcut cmd+I.

General Information

Here is the Info Box for my copy of Appleworks. You are shown

  • what kind of file it is (ie. application, control panel, folder, file, alias etc.)
  • how much memory it is taking on the hard drive
  • the path to it (where it is on the hard drive)
  • when it was created
  • when it was last modified (I updated to version 5.0.3 on Apr 7, 1999)
  • which version an application is
  • what label you have assigned to it
  • you can even write yourself notes about it


From the drop down menu you can choose other information



If you are on a network you can determine if you would like this file to be available to the rest of the network and how they are able to modify the file or folder.



Here is where you can adjust the memory you allocate to an application. If you are getting low memory reminders or the program is running slowly and/or crashing, increase the preferred size by 300-500K at a time.

You need to be careful of how much you allocate. Too much and some programs may not work properly. The amount of RAM you have installed needs to be shared by all the running programs.

The "Preferred Size" always has to be larger than the "Minimum Size".


Change Icon

If you would like to change the icon for the file you do it here in the Info Box.

Open the Info Box for the icon you wish to use and click on the icon so the outline becomes visible. Then choose copy from the edit menu or use the keyboard shortcut cmd+C. Close the Info Box.


Open the Info Box for the file or folder you wish to change and click on the icon so the outline becomes visible.



Then choose paste from the edit menu or use the keyboard shortcut cmd+V. Close the Info Box and now you have a new icon for the file or folder.



There are literally thousands of icons to be found on the web. I give you a number of links to pages of icons you can download on my graphic links page.





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